Differences between Syllabus and Curriculum

Differences between Syllabus and Curriculum
Differences between Syllabus and Curriculum

Definition of Syllabus

The syllabus is defined as the documents that consist of top ics or portion covered in a particular subject. It is determined by the examination board and created by the professors. The profes sors are responsible for the quality of the course. It is made avail able to the students by the teachers, either in hard copy or elec tronic form to bring their attention towards the subject and take their study seriously.

A syllabus is considered as a guide to the in-charge as well as to the students. It helps the students to know about the subject in detail, why it is a part of their course of study, what are the expectations from students, consequences of failure, etc. It con tains general rules, policies, instructions, topics covered, assign ments, projects, test dates, and so on.

Definition of Curriculum

The curriculum is defined as the guideline of the chapters and academic content covered by an educational system while undergoing a particular course or program.

In a theoretical sense, Curriculum refers to what is offered by the school or college. However, practically it has a wider scope which covers – knowledge, attitude, behaviour, manner, perfor mance and skills which are imparted or inculcated in a student. It contains the teaching methods, lessons, assignments, physical and mental exercises, activities, projects, study material, tutorials, pre sentations, assessments, test series, learning objectives, and so on.

The curriculum is well planned, guided and designed by the government or the educational institution. It is aimed at both physi cal and mental development of a student. It is the overall learning experience that a student goes through during the particular course of study.

Differences between Syllabus and Curriculum

• The basic differences between syllabus and curriculum are explained in the points given below:

• The syllabus is described as the summary of the topics covered or units to be taught in the particular subject. Curriculum refers to the overall content, taught in an educational system or a course.

Syllabus varies from a teacher to another teacher, while the Curriculum is same for all teachers.

• The term syllabus is a Greek origin, whereas the term curriculum is a Latin origin.

• The curriculum has a wider scope than the syllabus.

• The syllabus is provided to the students by the teachers so that they can take an interest in the subject. On the other hand, normally the curriculum is not made available to the students un less specifically asked for.

• Syllabus is descriptive in nature, but the curriculum is prescriptive. Syllabus is set for a particular subject, unlike curriculum, which covers a particular course of study or a program.

• Syllabus is prepared by teachers. Conversely, a curriculum is decided by the government or the school or college administration The duration of a syllabus is for a year only, but curricu lum lasts till the completion of the course.

In other words, When it comes to education, the two con cepts which pop up in our mind is syllabus and curriculum. People are quite confused between these two, although the fact is that there is a difference. If we talk about the syllabus, it is focused towards a particular subject, unlike curriculum, which is related to the all round development of a student

Meaning Syllabus is the document that contains all the portion of the concepts covered in a subject. Curriculum is the s overall content, taught in an educational system or a course.
Origin Syllabus is a Greek term. Curriculum is a Latin term.
Set for A subject A course
Nature Descriptive Prescriptive
Scope Narrow Wide
Set out by Exam board Government or the administration of school, college or institute.
Term For a fixed term, normally a year. Till the course lasts.
Uniformity Varies from teacher to teacher. Same for all teachers.

Curriculum and Syllabus are the terms of education, imparted to the students by teachers. It means the knowledge, skills or quali fications that are passed on from one generation to another. A sub ject syllabus is a unit of the curriculum. The two terms differ in a sense that curriculum is a combination of some factors which helps in the planning of an educational programme, whereas a syllabus covers the portion of what topics should be taught in a particular subject.

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