How do students learn English language from community?

How do students learn English language from community?
How do students learn English language from community?

How do students learn English language from community?

In India, most communities use several languages. This means that many students come to school speaking more than one language. Because of the presence of English in our societies, stu dents may also regularly use some English words in their day-to day talk, even though they may not be aware that these words are English. In our everyday language we often use English words for common objects and activities. For example, those of us who live in cities have holidays, we work in factories or offices, and we go to school with a bag full of books, pens, pencils and water bottles, travelling in buses on roads. Even those who do not live in cities may know many English words. For example, the words ‘post office’ and ‘bus stop’ are understood all over India. Some of our new highways now collect a road toll, or ‘tax’. Many people have learned what these words mean without being explicitly taught to say them in English.

When students try to understand the English they see and hear in the community, they are focused on understanding the mean ing. They can forget that they are also learning the language.

Words or phrases used by students in communities

Topic Examples of English words or phrases
Cricket or other games Bat, ball, game, out, team, point, score, stadium,field
Jobs that people have Police, teacher, guard, driver, doc tor, nurse, engineer
Vehicles we use, and related Words Bus, car, scooter, train, cycle, petrol
Houses and the things in them Gate, door, bed, TV, computer,kitchen, phone, bulb, light, current
Tools we use Hammer, tape, pencil, rubber
What we eat and drink Cold drink, juice, bread, biscuit
Forms of entertainment Film, actor, dance, music, singer
Computers, technology and mobile phones Computers, text message, mobile phones
Medicine Prescriptions cough syrup, vitamin, tonic

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