Importance of Language Laboratory in Teaching English

Importance of Language Laboratory in Teaching English

A language laboratory is a recent innovation in the teaching of different languages. Just as there are laboratories for sci ence subjects, in the same way for we have a language laboratory. It is very helpful in the teaching of English.

Language laboratory offers opportunity for the students to hear the spoken language spoken by a native and to practice speak ing the language themselves. Conventional language teaching does not allow much time for oral and auditory experience and in this respect, the language laboratory is an innovative technique.

The language laboratory is a supporting device of teaching learning like other audio-visual aids, but it cannot replace the teach ers. The language laboratory is a special classroom for language teaching. It includes three sections.

1. Operation room or teaching room.

2. Teaching equipments, audio-visual apparatus, tape records, programmed instruction material etc.

3. Workshop for preparing the apparatus of laboratory and preparing instructional material.

According to A.S. Hayes– “A language laboratory is a class room containing equipment designed and arranged to make foreign language learning more effective than usually possible without it.”

Language laboratory is a room well equipped with electronic devices for recording and reproducing speech. The students sit in semi sound proof-booths where they can listen to master-tape and record their own responses.

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