What is the Importance of blackboards in schools?

What is the Importance of blackboards in schools
What is the Importance of blackboards in schools

Importance of blackboards in schools

What are the purposes of using a Black Board? Ans. Black-Board – It is a visual aid and is one of the most essential and widely used teaching aid. At the early stage, it is used to teach reading and writing to the pupils. Black-boards are of dif ferent types such as wall, standing, reversible. The boards should be of light green colour which soothes eyes. This aid can be used for the following purposes in English teaching :

1. It can capture and hold the attention of students.

2. Teacher can solve problems on the blackboard.

3. Black board can be used most effectively wherever possible for presentation and practice of vocabulary items.

4. The black-board is used, while explaining the meaning of difficult words, correcting the pronunciation, telling the spelling etc.

5. The teacher can make sketches, can write phrases, sentences, question answers etc.

6. For teaching writing.

7. For teaching grammatical forms.

8. For teaching structures.

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