What principles should underlie the selection of materials?

What principles should underlie the selection of materials?

The following principles underlie the selection of materials:


  •  are unprejudiced, inoffensive and non-stereotypical;
  • include items from the grammatical and lexical syllabi in this curriculum;
  • include a variety of text types and media;
  • are targeted to meet a variety of purposes as well as different audiences;
  • provide opportunities for contextualized language use and practice;
  • are compatible with learners’ age-group and level of lan guage proficiency;
  • are, as far as possible, appropriate to learners’ backgrounds, interests, experiences, and knowledge; . enrich learners’ general world knowledge and encourage further exploration;
  • provide opportunities for meaningful communication;
  • promote independent learning,
  • motivate learner’s interest in reading for pleasure.

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