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BSc Agriculture Books and Notes for All Semester | Download PDF

List of given Notes Study Material for Agriculture

Agriculture Notes study material includes all important chapters. with the help of these notes, we can do best in competitive exams in the Agriculture section of the exam. Here we are going to provide the downloading link of following Agriculture Study Material for exams.

  1. Agronomy: Principles of Agronomy & Meteorology, Water Management, Crop Production I, Crop Production II, Weed Management, Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture, Dryland Farming & Watershed Management
  2. Soil Science: Fundamentals of Soil Science, Soil Chemistry and Fertility, Manures Fertilizers Agrochemicals, Biochemistry, Environmental Science
  3. Horticulture: Principles of Horticulture and Fruit Science, Olericulture and Floriculture, Spices Plantation Crops Aromatics and Medicinals, PHT of Fruits and Vegetables,
  4. Agril Botany: Principles of Genetics, Crop Physiology, Principles of Plant Breeding, Breeding of Field & Horti. Crops, Plant Biotechnology, SeedTechnology, Ecophysiology
  5. Pathology: Principles of Plant Pathology, Microbiology, Introduction to plant Pathogen, Field Crops Diseases, Diseases of Horticultural Crops
  6. Extension Education: Comprehension & Communication skills, Fundamentals of Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology, Dimensions of Agricultural Extension, Entrepreneurship Development, EXTN Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology
  7. Agril Engineering: Computer Application, Soil-Water Conservation Eng, Farm Machinery and Power, Greenhouse and Post Harvest Technology, Renewable Energy Sources
  8. Entomology: Insect Morphology Physiology and Taxonomy,Insect Ecology and Applied Entomology,Pest Management,Diagnosis of Pest and Diseases,
  9. Agril Economics: Principles of Agril. Economics,Farm Management &Production Economics,Agricultural Finance & Cooperation,Agril. Marketing, Agri-Business Management
  10. Statistics: Statistics, Practical Manual
  11. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

1. Agronomy: BSc Agriculture Books

A. Principles of Agronomy & Meteorology

Download PDF: Principles of Agronomy & Meteorology

B. Water Management Agriculture Notes

Download PDF: Water Management

C. Crop Production I: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Crop Production I

D. Crop Production II Agriculture Notes

Download PDF: Crop Production II

E. Weed Management Agriculture Notes

Download PDF: Weed Management

F. Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture

Download PDF: Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture


G. Dryland Farming & Watershed Management

Download PDF: Dryland Farming & Watershed Management

2. Soil Science: BSc Agriculture Books

A. Fundamentals of Soil ScienceBSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Fundamentals of Soil Science

B. Soil Chemistry and Fertility

Download PDF: Soil Chemistry and Fertility

C. Manures Fertilizers Agrochemicals

Download PDF: Manures Fertilizers Agrochemicals

D. Biochemistry: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Biochemistry

3. Horticulture: BSc Agriculture Books

A. Principles of Horticulture and Fruit Science

Download PDF: Principles of Horticulture and Fruit Science

B. Olericulture and Floriculture

Download PDF: Olericulture and Floriculture

C. Spices Plantation Crops Aromatics and Medicinals

Download PDF: Spices Plantation Crops Aromatics and Medicinals


D. PHT of Fruits and Vegetables: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: PHT of Fruits and Vegetables

4. Agril Botany Notes

A. Principles of Genetics

Download PDF: Principles of Genetics

B. Crop Physiology: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Crop Physiology

C. Principles of Plant Breeding: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Principles of Plant Breeding

D. Breeding of Field & Horticulture Crops: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Breeding of Field & Horti. Crops

F. Plant Biotechnology

Download PDF: Plant Biotechnology

G. Seed Technology: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Seed Technology

H. Ecophysiology: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Ecophysiology

5. Pathology Notes: BSc Agriculture Books

A. Principles of Plant Pathology

Download PDF: Principles of Plant Pathology

B. Microbiology

Download PDF: Microbiology

C. Introduction to Plant Pathogen

Download PDF: Introduction to Plant Pathogen

D. Field Crops Diseases

Download PDF: Field Crops Diseases

E. Diseases of Horticultural Crops

Download PDF: Diseases of Horticultural Crops

6. Extension Education Agriculture Notes

A. Comprehension & Communication skills

Download PDF: Comprehension & Communication skills

B. Fundamentals of Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology

Download PDF: Fundamentals of Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology

C. Dimensions of Agricultural Extension

Download PDF: Dimensions of Agricultural Extension

D. Entrepreneurship Development

Download PDF: Entrepreneurship Development

E. EXTN Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology

Download PDF: EXTN Methodologies for Transfer of Agricultural Technology

7. Agril Engineering Agriculture Notes

A. Computer Application

Download PDF: Computer Application

B. Soil-Water Conservation Eng.

Download PDF: Soil-Water Conservation Eng.

C. Farm Machinery and Power

Download PDF: Farm Machinery and Power

D. Greenhouse and Post Harvest Technology

Download PDF: Greenhouse and Post Harvest Technology

E. Renewable Energy Sources

Download PDF: Renewable Energy Sources

8. Entomology: BSc Agriculture Books

A. Insect Morphology Physiology and Taxonomy

Download PDF:  Insect Morphology Physiology and Taxonomy

B. Insect Ecology and Applied Entomology

Download PDF: Insect Ecology and Applied Entomology

C. Pest Management

Download PDF: Pest Management

D. Diagnosis of Pest and Diseases

Download PDF: Diagnosis of Pest and Diseases

9. Agril Economics Agriculture Notes

A. Principles of Agril. Economics

Download PDF: Principles of Agril. Economics

B. Farm Managements &Production Economics

Download PDF: Farm Managements &Production Economics

C. Agricultural Finance & Cooperation

Download PDF: Agricultural Finance & Cooperation

D. Agril. Marketing: BSc Agriculture Books

Download PDF: Agril. Marketing

E. Agri Business Management

Download PDF: Agri Business Management

10. Statistics Agriculture Notes

Download PDF: Practical Manual

11. Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry

Live Stock management : Download PDF

12. General Agriculture Notes

A) RS Maitry PDF Agri 2017-18: BSc Agriculture Books

RS Maitry PDF Agri 2017-18

B) Agriculture Notes: BSc Agriculture Books

Agriculture Notes

C) Current Facts in Agriculture: BSc Agriculture Books

Current Facts in Agri

D) RS Maitry PDF (BSc Agriculture Entrance Exam Notes )

RS Maitry PDF

F) Question Bank for Agril. Competitions by RK Sharma

Question Bank for Agril. Competitions by RK Sharma

G) Objective Agriculture S R Kantwa

Objective Agriculture S R Kantwa