Explain the Advantages of E-learning in English Teaching

Advantages of E-learning in English Teaching
Advantages of E-learning in English Teaching

Advantages of E-learning in English Teaching

In recent years, computer and Internet are widely used. Accordingly, teachers should adjust their pedagogical strategies to improve teaching efficiency. But, unfortunately, the majority of teachers have not realized such necessity of change that the cur rent information technology has brought us, let alone to explore how to use information technology to change the status quo of low efficiency that the Indian people have been learning English over the past decades. So as to improve students’ learning efficiency, so that more students can master English as a second language.

The Advantages of E-learning in English Teaching

The Abundant Teaching Resources:

Internet provides us with a tremendous wealth of teaching resources. We can easily find the text information, pictures and audio data on almost any topic we like. Powerful tools, such as Google, Baidu and other search engines, can find a huge amount of information in any subject for us. It is very convenient and most of these information can be obtained free of charge. Part of the content has been turned into multimedia courseware. Learning becomes very convenient and interesting.

Easy Access to Information

We couldn’t get our textbooks until the bookstores began to sell. Nowadays, we can immediately get from the Internet the teach ing resources we need at low cost. It is unimaginable in the tradi tional agricultural society and industrial society. When we hear the news of a person or event, we can find the relative information from the Internet. We can use the information as the teaching materials by appropriate pedagogical strategies.

If students are interested in this topic, they can immediately find the relevant information for learning and discussion. A large number of high school and college students have cell phones now. Texts, images, sounds can be stored in their mobile phones. Students can read English articles and hear the voice. Such easy access to information creates a small environment for them to learn English. E-learning makes students learn English anywhere, anytime.

The Effect of Direct Interest

In psychology, the so-called “direct interest”, is that caused by the needs of discovering the thing itself. Playing the role of direct interest in learning English is very important because it makes learning interesting and results in better performance ow ing to high degree of concentration.

Teaching Students in Accordance with Their Aptitude

Reading has always been personal thing. Everyone’s level of learning, interest and comprehension are different, e-learning suits with student’s ability. E-learning assures that students can expand their individual horizons.

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