Characteristics Of A Good Textbook | Importance Of A Good Textbook | Qualities of text-books

Characteristics Of A Good Textbook
Characteristics Of A Good Textbook

Characteristics Of A Good Textbook, Importance and Qualities of text-books

Importance, characteristics and qualities of text books are listed below:

(1) Text-books that are intended to be used, should be use ful for the students as well as teachers.

They should be so designed that on the one hand they may be written according to the psychological requirements of the students and on the other they should serve the purpose of the teacher who wish to impart knowledge to the students in a successful and interesting manner.

(2) The size of the book should be handy. It should be pos sible for the students to carry them properly. They should not be bulky. This is especially true about books intended for the primary classes.

(3) Printing and get-up of the books should be interesting and attractive. They should be printed in the letters that do not require strain on the eyes of the students. On the other hand they should be correctly and neatly printed.

(4) The exterior of the book should be attractive. If the exte rior is attractive, students would like to carry them and keep them. This is true for the books intended for primary classes.

(5) They should serve the purpose of the subject matter as well as the aims and objects of teaching. They should be written with a view on the aims and objects of the teaching.

(6) The text-books should be accurately written. They should present the subject-matter in such a manner that there is no fault in them. The subject-matter, presented therein should be up to date.

(7) The style of the books should also serve the psychologi cal requirements of the students of different stages. Text books intended for the students of the primary classes should be written in a story form. In the text-books meant for higher classes the author may use the regional method or some other method that is useful for the students of the stage.

(8) The text-books should continue to keep the interests of the students alive in the subject-matter. The subject-matter should be presented in a simple and lucid style and clear form.

(9) The text-books should contain all the necessary and rela tive material required for a particular stage of education.

(10) The text-books of different stages should be compli mentary to each other. Text-books that are used in primary classes should have some bearing and connection with the text-books that shall be used by the students in the Junior High School classes. Similarly text-books that are to be in mind the books that have been used by the students in the Junior High School classes.

(11) Text-books should be free from prejudice. The present ation of the subject-matter should be unbiased. There should be no material which can injure the susceptibility of any class or cat egory of people. They should contain objective description of the people and conditions of different countries.

(12) The text-books should contain charts, maps, diagrams etc. as and where required. Without the charts, maps and diagrams etc. the subject-matter of Geography cannot be taught properly. It is, therefore, necessary to give place to all these things in the text books.

(13) English is a developing subject. Every day we find that new words have been made in the field of English. Up to date knowledge of English must be given place in the text-books.

(14) At the end of every chapter of the text-book there should be certain questions that may be used for the revision of the sub ject-matter. Without these questions the text-books shall not be useful.

(15) If required the text-books may give a substance of the chapter at the end of each lesson. Such a provision will help the students to grasp the subject-matter properly.

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